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Ambitions offers high-quality and reliable courses for IAS-MPPSC exams. Our courses are linked with the examination schedules announced by UPSC and PSC, and we run our batches accordingly.

After many years of teaching civil services aspirants, years of experience and analysis, the institute has successfully evolved an intensive foundation course structure that ensures the development of optimal skills-set, knowledge base and appropriate mind-set in students so that they can qualify IAS-PSC Examinations and serve the nation as ethical administrators.

Ambitions Academy offers high quality courses from the Basic to the Advance level for the preparation of IAS-PSC Examination. Our students have topped IAS-PSC Examinations several times. We specialize in the classroom course, Test Series, and mock Interviews for UPSC and MP-PSC Examinations. The Intensive Foundation course is the most sought after and successful course.

IAS Coaching in Bhopal

Intensive Foundation Course

(One, two and three year courses)


The Mantra for the success in the Civil Services Examinations is 'an early start and a long preparation'. The Intensive foundation course is a comprehensive course covering Mains and Prelims, for IAS as well as MP-PSC Examination. This program offers maximum selections and students from this course have topped in various examinations. The Intensive foundation course batch stresses on preparing the students for mains much before the preliminary examination thus providing conceptual clarity, writing and presentation techniques with preparation of notes for further studies. This kind of comprehensive preparation strategy provides the students a deciding lead over other students. The Intensive Foundation Course Batch starts in the first week of June every year.

Duration: 11 months

Module Subject 1 Subject 2 Duration
1 History Science and Technology 8 Weeks
2 Geography Current 8 Weeks
3 Political Science/ Public Administration International Relations 8 Weeks
4 Economics Sociology 8 Weeks
5 Ethics M.P Special 8 Weeks
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Preliminary Batch

The Preliminary Batch offers a fast track revision of the course.

Duration: about 4 months

S.no Subject 1 Subject 2 Duration
1 History M.P Special 2 Weeks
2 Geography Current 2 Weeks
3 Political Science Science and Technology 2 Weeks
4 Economics Institutions 2 Weeks
5 -- CSAT 2 Weeks

Mains Batch

The Mains batch is linked with announcement of the results of the Preliminary Examination

Duration: 12 Weeks

1. History, Geography and Sociology.
2. Political Science and Economics.
3. Science and Technology.
4. Ethics.

Interview Batch

The Interview batch is linked with the announcement of results of Mains Examination and its duration is approximately 15 working days

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