Available Courses

Ambitions offers high-quality and reliable courses for IAS-MPPSC exams. Our courses are linked with the examination schedules announced by UPSC and PSC, and we run our batches accordingly.

IAS Coaching in Bhopal

Foundation Course

A comprehensive course which covers the syllabus for Mains-cum-Prelims examinations for IAS-MPPSC. The course also includes guidance for interviews for IAS-MPPSC examinations. The foundation course batch stresses on preparing the students for Mains much before the Prelims thus providing conceptual clarity, writing and presentation techniques with preparation of notes for further studies. Therefore, the foundation course offers maximum selections. This kind of comprehensive preparation provides the students a deciding lead over other students. The Foundation Course Batch starts in the first week of June and the first week of December every year.

Preliminary Batch

The Preliminary batch is devoted only to the Preliminary level of examinations with stress on objective tests.

IAS (Pre) Batch

MPPSC (Pre) Batch

A week after notification of exam.

Mains Batch

The Mains Batch is devoted to the Mains examination and admission is given only to the students who qualify the Preliminary Examination.

Interview Batch

Interview batch is linked with the announcement of results of Mains Exam and its duration is approximately 15 working days.